smiley marzano


smiley marzano


Hello! My name is Smiley. I am 21 years old. Currently, I reside in Central PA and am a nursing student with a goal to serve through medical mission work in Africa. I enjoy hip hop dancing, having good coffee with friends, serving at my church, and of course, creating! I’ve created art since I was a young child. My preferred medium is a good mix between graphite drawings and acrylic painting. You will likely find me drawing people and faces… as I am fascinated with the human face! Long term, my prayer is that God will use my art in ways bigger than I thought was possible, as it is a gift I am passionate about.

Best Contact Method

The best way is through my YouTube or Instagram account! Youtube: Smiley the Artist. While I am just starting out and trying to draw a huge variety of things and people, I hope to grow that platform and become a light in the entertainment industry. My Instagram is official_smileytheartist. I do many personalized pieces and can be contacted through these social media platforms 🙂

Artwork Entries