Artist bio

Hello! My name is Smiley. I am 21 years old. Currently, I reside in Central PA and am a nursing student with a goal to serve through medical mission work in Africa. I enjoy hip hop dancing, having good coffee with friends, serving at my church, and of course, creating! I’ve created art since I was a young child. My preferred medium is a good mix between graphite drawings and acrylic painting. You will likely find me drawing people and faces… as I am fascinated with the human face! Long term, my prayer is that God will use my art in ways bigger than I thought was possible, as it is a gift I am passionate about.


What Darkness Sees



Artist Statement

For a couple of years now, I have become slightly obsessed with trying to captivate the emotions of an eye through drawing/art. When I saw this opportunity, I knew I wanted to create an eye. Creating emotions through this eye was challenging, as it is a up close and detailed eye. I started off by roughly sketching the eye but as I continued, I built the plane as I flew for say. I started with the iris and worked outwards. I tried to make it as realistic as possible but still show that it was indeed art not a photograph. Because I prefer to draw portraits and people, the concept was not unknown, it was just a different challenge for me. While drawing this eye, I feel like I learned the anatomy and correct placement of the eye and it’s features.

How it fits into contest

My inspiration for this piece stemmed from something I have personally been battling through and educating myself on. It is indeed spiritual warfare. It’s a concept I don’t think much of as I find it can be frightening and almost daunting. I have had many talks with my pastors, mentors and friends about the spiritual battle that rages daily. In James 2:19, the Bible says that demons tremble at the sound of Jesus’ name. That is power! I began to wonder what it would be like if we could see the other side become fearful when we say the name of Jesus... or better yet... wear the armor of God. If the armor can be used to fight off the temptation and sin of Satan, I can only imagine the fear demons see when they find someone dressed for battle in Jesus’ name. My piece is sophisticated and yet simple. I drew the eye of a dark figure, demon... Satan.. whomever. It is an eye of anger and fear. He is staring at a warrior of the King who is dressed for spiritual battle. It’s such a powerful picture for me to envision. Our words, our lifestyle, our actions and relationship with the Lord matter. I felt empowered to think that someone on fire with the Spirit can merely say “Jesus” and it scares darkness away. I wanted to show this figure through the eyes of something we don’t normally picture. The armor is that physical reminder that no one needs to be afraid because Jesus has already won that battle and anything in between we can fight with Him on our side. It was also a good reminder for myself to know the armor not just for in “my head knowledge” but in my heart as well. It’s something I should be using daily. This picture means so much to me and was something I personally needed to see.


Other than encouragement and prayers form my family and friends, I created this piece on my own.

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