Terrisha Buckley


Terrisha Buckley


Hello, my name is Terrisha Buckley. I am originally from a small town in Mississippi. Writing has been a part of my life since I was about nine years old. It has been my escape, way of communicating, and a way that I am able to worship God.

I have been a writer of poetry, genre fiction, Christian nonfiction, as well as a content and copywriter. As I begin to explore and delve deeper into my gift in this way, I am seeing that God has a lot to say and really enjoy utilizing my gift to communicate that.

I have a heart to minister and reach people that have never heard of God. I am currently in veterinary school in the Caribbean. One of my greatest joys is the opportunity to discuss God with people. Within the past year, I began doing spoken word. I've been featured on a few covers of songs as well as one original song. I look forward to seeing where God allows me to use my gift next.

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I can be contacted via Instagram @authorterriley. I also have a blog at revealedbyhim.blogspot.com.

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