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Hello, my name is Terrisha Buckley. I am originally from a small town in Mississippi. Writing has been a part of my life since I was about nine years old. It has been my escape, way of communicating, and a way that I am able to worship God. I have been a writer of poetry, genre fiction, Christian nonfiction, as well as a content and copywriter. As I begin to explore and delve deeper into my gift in this way, I am seeing that God has a lot to say and really enjoy utilizing my gift to communicate that. I have a heart to minister and reach people that have never heard of God. I am currently in veterinary school in the Caribbean. One of my greatest joys is the opportunity to discuss God with people. Within the past year, I began doing spoken word. I've been featured on a few covers of songs as well as one original song. I look forward to seeing where God allows me to use my gift next. Solo team


Stand and Fight


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

I am in the beginning of my journey as a spoken word artist. At the moment my art is majority expressed via independent videos posted to my social media as well as collaborative work done with a worship collective, WorshipMob. This video is just one more step in direction God is leading me. After weeks of researching, praying, and receiving pieces of stanzas and lines, there was a time when I was able to sit and pull everything together to produce a piece that I believe shows the passion of Christ in that He struggled and fought for the opportunity for us to reconcile with Him and how similarly our struggle to emulate Christ comes with its own battles and wrestling.

How it fits into contest

This is by far one of my favorite passages of scripture. I actually learned in while in Sunday School where each peace was made tangible as if we were literally putting on each piece of the armor. As I was preparing the poem, I was considering how difficult it is to carry the gospel to the world while still allowing it to minister to yourself. I know even in my own life, I find difficulties even after salvation.


Director, Writer, Producer, Videographer, Supporting Cast: Terrisha Buckley Image for Poster: by Nik Shuliahin on

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