Christ Ziteto Lubaki


Ziteto Lubaki Christ is 23 years old. He is a young painter from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is one of 6 children. Ziteto was raised by a paternal uncle when his mom died at the age of 7. He graduated in Plastic Art (painting) at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa. He continued to pursue his passion for art specifically in painting after graduation and during his licensing cycle. Although he also pursued humanitarian studies of general pedagogy from the University of Kinshasa, Ziteto decided that his real passion was in art specifically in painting. The people who influenced him most are: his mother, uncle, older sisters and brothers and other artists like JP Mika, Silas Onoja, El George, KS Bloom, Pastor Lema Diamonika, Pastor Athoms Mbuma. Ziteto would like to be a Christian painter, portraitist, and draftsman. In the future, Ziteto wants to continue to develop as an artist so h can impact future Congolese artists. He would like to create a studio for Congolese youth artists in which he can provide them with opportunities to learn about art and to paint and a gallery in which their pieces can be displayed.

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Whatsapp +243820349247 Facebook: Ziteto Lbk or Ziteto Lbk'Art

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