Artist bio

My name is Elizabeth Brown. I'm a native of South Carolina but now reside in Charlotte, NC. On the creative side, I'm a singer, song writer and actress, But most importantly, I'm a minister of the gospel with desires to share Jesus through my life.






Artist Statement

Reset is a short film creatively narrated by the voices of mainstream media and then eventually ending with the Word of God.
It's meant to show the progression of getting hit with bad news and then the corresponding actions if not handled with the right weapons. After divine intervention and bringing the sword back into the picture, you'll see the lead actor's demeanor change. She resets, gets refocused and gets her joy back.
Scripture says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. Watch and listen as she gets her strength back.

How it fits into contest

For some people you can publicly and outwardly see the spiritual battle they may be facing. But for many others, those battles are fought internally, inside homes...alone. It's sad but a reality that many people deal with depression and mental health issues in silence. There's a level of shame and guilt as if we/they aren't supposed to seek help as not to appear weak.
This short film depicts a life after bad news, the downward spiral and also the turnaround when a friend is there to encourage her to pick up her weapon, the Word, again.
It is also a reminder for those that are strong at the time to not be so distant from others. That we can step in and introduce or reintroduce weapons...That we can laugh and be human while encouraging others to fight the good fight of faith. We can walk out victory together when we are equipped to do so.


Lead actor: Myself, Elizabeth Brown
Friend: Monica Harrison

Music / Sound Sources

All background music is by permission of Uppbeat subscription.
All news commentary is used by creative commons license agreement.

Transcript / Lyrics

Both Hewlett Packard Enterprise and IBM have announced that COVID 19 has been reported at elevated risk of exposure.

Economic fallout from the virus relates mainly to the damage to global supply chains and expected lack...

The COVID 19 crisis is hitting almost every market sector hard. And now the dominoes are starting to fall.

Unaffordable food prices, soaring health costs, worker shortages and empty shelves...

all you have to do is be 100% honest with yourself. You can lie to me to, lie to your friends.
You can lie to your family, lie to your boss all you want.

You might just chalk it up to like, you know, they had a bad day,
but if someone is kind of irritable and like, you know, going on weeks at a time and then you need to think about depression.

Also, if they are complaining about sleep or unusual body upsets like this...

God sends messages and authorized messengers to his children.

May the God of hope, fill you with joy and peace so that you may overflowing with...

Satan has no power over you. He has no influence over you. He has no claim over you. He has no authority over you.
Not over your family. Not over your future. Not over your health, not over your finances.
Because he has been defeated and is still defeated...

Friend: you know what, I'm not playing anymore.

Elizabeth: You're the one that brought the cards out.

Friend: You're right. But for real, I think you need to spend some more time in your Word. And Next time, I call you,
I need you to answer your phone.

Elizabeth: Okay. Yeah, ok

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