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My name is Zahida. I am teacher at a Christian high school in my country. While I may not read via apps each day, I attend morning assemblies (sometimes plan them), mass and assist students religiously as a Religious Knowledge/Ethics teacher. As a past pupil of the institution, I had had the privilege of being taught by some of the best Christian and non-Christian teachers who have instilled in me a sense of spirituality that has guided me to this stage in my life. As an avid reader, I enjoy reading scriptures of all religions and drawing the positives from them. I love sharing that in my classroom and relating it to my field of expertise- Physics. My passion for writing and film and my desire to pursue that path has led me to enter this competition, in addition to the need to impart positivity to my students and peers. Growing up in a multi-faceted country and home, my father would often quote verses from the Bible, in trying to teach my siblings and I the light and guidance of God. Writing has been my first passion. Now I find film making equally exciting. I aim to become better so I can appeal more to my visual learners and instill in them the lifelong lessons I have and continue to learn.



My Guiding Light



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Mark, a young boy endures his mother’s abuse at the hand of his father. He prays for courage like David of the Bible. His prayers are finally answered as his dad unleashes his wrath on his mom, on the day she planned to leave with Mark.

In his usual hiding spot, he prayed like his mom told him. A voice and a light assured him of his armor. With it, he gained the courage to face his Goliath.

It speaks of the courage that comes with prayer. Even in the midst of fear, the spirit of the Lord reminds us that His armor is invincible.

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The Devil has tempted men since the beginning of time. His work is never done. Mark’s dad succumbs to such temptation as he turns to intoxication and abuse on his family, even after a trial of his health. On the opposite end of the spectrum, is his wife, Mark’s mother- a faithful, caring and forgiving woman. She raised Mark on the world of God, reminding him that even in fear, prayer is a way out.

As a young Mark selflessly prays to defend his mother- his own protector, a voice leads him to face the evils that harmed his mother. The guiding light becomes his spiritual armor, reminding him that courage is possible when one fears their opponent.

It reminds one that the spiritual battle never ends. So purity of purpose and steadfastness in prayer will always be rewarded by the spirit of God, who shields all those who believe with his invincible armor.


* Nazmoon Hosein
* Imtiaz Hosein
* Bashiruddin Hosein
* Salman Bahall

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I am an author and screenwriter, who can write any piece required- fiction and non-fiction alike. I am also a film maker and voice over artist. My career as a teacher of eighteen years has been my guiding light in trying to uplift and encourage my students. My work can be seen on two YouTube channels:
1. Aetherium Physics
2. Screenblaggers

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Engage art ( "My Guiding Light" film Transcript)

Mom- the most important person in my world. She’s patient and kind and takes time to teach me. It gets loud when he gets home. She hides me and tells me to pray. Maybe she gets hurt protecting me. But who’s protecting her? I pray to one day, be like David when he faced Goliath. But I’m scared and I have no armor.

His illness brought little hope. I worked every job that I could until we were able to afford his surgery. We were both relieved at its success. But new times brought old habits, and some terrible new ones as well. He said it was the stress, then the drugs… and then it was me. His words of love descended into a volcanic brew of animosity fueled by rage. A rage he directed towards Mark, knowing he’s my weakness. But he’s also my strength. Each fearful, pleading glance in my baby’s eyes ignites a fire in my heart- the fire that helps me stand whenever I fall.
“You shall have a better life, my son. You will be safe. I promise.”

Daddy came home early that day to a sight that enraged him. In my hiding spot, I would be safe, but not mom. I prayed, but not for me. I prayed for an armor that no man could break.

(In the room, Mark hears his dad hitting his mother, breaking things in the process. He sees an image of the feared Goliath from his dreams.
“A monster!” He exclaims, as he looks up at the giant. Back in the room, feeling helpless, he clutches his bear and sees a hand that extends a light to him. The light spoke words that gave him comfort, as it touched him.
“I am your armor!” It said.
Mark is covered in the light and sees himself as David with a shield of flaming blue light, no longer afraid).

I stepped out of the room to face my Goliath, the first time in four years. I could hear mom’s screams behind me as I stood between the man I called dad, and my mother. My armor- light as the feather, bright as the sun and stronger than iron- spread through me. I was David. And I was still scared.
But then, like David’s rocks, something struck him. He dropped his weapon and then we heard it, as the one who brought my armor whispered behind him as he fell to the ground, dropping his weapon.

(A hand holds daddy to the ground with a bright light, as the light paralyses him).

(“Those who I protect, no man shall harm!” Utters the deep voice).

Then we saw it- a blast of light that brought silence. Shaken and afraid, he sat as the police arrived.

(Mark hugs mom)
“See mom, today, I save you.” She hugged me and replied “You always have, my son.”
It was the last day we saw daddy. Each night, I say thank you in my prayer for in our darkest hour, our Father sent His light!

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