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We just desire to make His name known. Tammy Leeah - As a worship leader in Charlotte, NC, Tammy is passionate about seeing other people encounter Christ and furthering the kingdom through music. She sees a now generation and it is up to us to lead the next well. Tammy was born in West Chester, PA and moved to Charlotte in 2017 to attend Elevation School of Worship. She began singing before she could even talk and has never stopped since. She is self taught in piano and guitar and has been playing since the age of 6. She began leading worship at the age of 8 in the children's ministry at her home church and, as she aged up, lead worship in youth group and finally in the main service. At Elevation School of Worship, Tammy found a passion for songwriting and is currently working on a worship EP to be released in the next year. Drew Hardin - With a Pop/EDM style, Drew began his career being heavily influenced by artists such as Owl City, Justin Bieber, and Hillsong Young and Free. From ear worm vocal melodies to big synths, Drew’s spectrum covers it all. Drew was born in Birmingham, Alabama but moved to small town Cullman in middle school. Raised in a family of musicians, he started playing the drums as a young pre-teen. After moving on to piano and guitar, He found himself writing music on a consistent basis. After moving to Charlotte, NC at the age of 19 to attend a worship school, Drew discovered his love for producing. It was there when he wrote, produced, and released his first EP, Bad Timing.


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This is one of the most unique pieces we have created together. Drew and I have been writing together for a year. Over countless nights of studying Ephesians 6:10-20, we believe that this is a creative representation of exactly how it feels to be in the tough of fighting our spiritual battles. We wanted something light and energetic that the church can have fun with. Our styles are very different and complement each other well. We used ableton to track all the instrumentation and vocals.

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Let's break this down verse by verse.
Verse -
You call me out beyond a world that I can't see (referring to vs. 13)
To stand firm in trust against my enemies (vs 13 + 14)
I can trust that you will always be with me (vs 17)
I wear the truth that I have all that I need (vs 14 again)
Chorus -
God I know that battle's already won (the entirety of vs 12-18)
I know everything you've said is done (referring to vs 17)
I may not be able to see it now (12)
But I know I can trust you to never let me down (17)
Verse 2 -
You bring me peace so I can walk in freedom (15)
Faith shields me from what I know will come my way (16)
And even though I fail a couple thousand times (a gospel truth)
You came and died so I can leave my past behind (another gospel truth)

Lyrically we wanted to be as direct as possible while maintaining an air of simplicity, especially since we knew we wanted to have an upbeat and energetic instrumental impact. When you first read Ephesians 6:10-20 it hits as an "ah yes, let's go fight this battle! Take me there, Lord!" However, the reality is that it is terrifying, especially if you're new to faith and don't quite understand it all. This song comes from a place of knowing God is there in and through these spiritual battles; knowing the strength to step out comes from Him and him alone. Verse 13 is the call that Paul gives us from God. It's a statement that this life is hard, and it goes beyond what our eyes can comprehend. Sometimes it's difficult to stand firm, and we fight to stay there (14.) The gospel is what helps feed our faith and amplify our desire to fight the good fight (15.) Faith is the anchor to our strength, so when the lies from the enemy come we can command them to leave (16.) The word of God is what helps guide and strengthen us. At the same time, it makes the enemy angry and quiver in fear (17.) The entire song is a prayer and declaration, saying "yes, I know the battle is won let's praise" as well as "God, I'm in the thick of this fight and I know you're there."


Tammy Leeah Beiswenger - Lyricist and collaborator
Malan Drew Hardin - Lyricist and tracking/production

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