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Sing, These Lions is a group of musicians who write songs for God and humans.


Armor You

Artist Statement

We are a group of musicians who have been writing music for God and humans for the past decade. Our songs usually grapple with hard passages of scripture, and this song fits accordingly into the stream of our work. We are currently working on our first studio album comprised of songs that are based on the final words of Christ on Good Friday. This song is independent of that project.

Bryan was the primary composer of the music for this song. The music and instrumentation for this song came from a place of simplicity and openness. The lyrics were written by Dusti, born out of a season of loss following the death of her newborn son, Lazarus.

How it fits into contest

Earlier this year, Dusti lost her newborn son, Lazarus, and it was impactful for her to have a creative prompt to examine this specific Scripture in Ephesians as it related to this season in life. Dusti has said, “I’ve been very aware in this season of how I need God to Father me as His child through my spiritual battles, and the affection He has for us as His children. I feel the pull and tug of the darkness in my most vulnerable season and the lyrics reflect how knowing God and allowing God to tenderly father me has been the difference in standing and fighting vs defeat. He holds us through it and equips us so completely all the time, but we don’t realize we have exactly what we need until it’s time to use it all. We can trust He will see us through until the end and that the dark was never His design for us. Losing Laz has been a tangible example of the way the enemy, the darkness, tries to pull myself and my family out of God’s grasp, yet it can’t. God has provided us with fierce weapons and truth that only exposes the enemy’s attempt to thwart.”

We believe this song pertains to the battles we know we’re all fighting. There are so many fights God fights on our behalf that we have no idea about... and that’s the way a protective Father loves His child, but when they have to fight He’s there every step and has laid supportive groundwork.


Bryan Norton - composition, guitar, piano
Ella Norton - violin
Dusti Jensen - lyrics, vocals
Steve Whitby - sound engineer/production

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