Artist bio

I'm a singer-songwriter, who has influences in bluegrass, country, folk, and some jazz as well. I play guitar for the band, the Trailblazers, where I am also the lead singer. I'm grateful to have competed and won in the Bobby Martin Songwriters Contest with my song "Girl in Carolina". I write love songs, bluegrass songs, and gospel tunes as well. You can find me at open mics, doing some solo work, or playing music with my girlfriend, Carley Arrowood.


Armor of God

Artist Statement

It didn't take me long to write this song. It took me a few days to firm up the lyrics with the right chords and melody that I wanted. It has a dark and driving melody...written in the bluegrass style. Bluegrass gospel music is important to me. It is performed with my band, the Trailblazers wherever we go, because a gospel tune is important to a band that travels around. I really feel the need to spread the message of the hope Christians have in Christ for the salvation of their souls, more than their bodies.

How it fits into contest

I created this song in thinking some about the Civil War, about what families were going through in the tough times. Not knowing whether family members would come home from war, it was important to have their hope in something eternal, the TRUE Armor, that cannot be pierced by the devil or man.


Daniel Thrailkill:
I wrote the words to the songs, modified the chords and melody to what was given to me by Alex Edwards.
Alex Edwards:
Alex presented me the melody and chords he had worked up on the banjo. Particularly the beginning and middle of the verse.

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