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Daniel Knudsen (Writer & Filmmaker) Daniel Knudsen is a songwriter/filmmaker from the Detroit, Michigan area. He has directed or produced ten feature films including Creed of Gold and Courageous Love. Two of his movies landed in the top 50 movies on Amazon Prime. As an actor Daniel starred in the hit PUREFLIX series, The King’s Messengers. He also starred along side Superman actor Dean Cain in the upcoming movie Skydog. Chris Veldhuizen (Actor & Performer) Chris Veldhuizen is an actor from Michigan. He has been in a number of film projects and played the lead role of Anwaar in the PUREFLIX series "The King’s Messengers." He graduated from Monroe Community College with an Associates degree in Criminal Justice. Besides acting, Chris enjoys, sports, music, youth ministry and spending time with friends.


Tell Me Who


Gospel / Inspirational

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Music video for the song "Tell Me Who."

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We wanted to make a song that will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel. (Ephesians 6:19)


Director - Daniel Knudsen
Songwriter - Daniel Knudsen
Arranger - Sean Anthony Kisch
Performers - Peter Rupp

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Crystal Creek Media developed a comprehensive filmmaking workshop that is available online here:

Transcript / Lyrics

Who Tell Me Who
Copyright 2019
Daniel Knudsen

Verse 1
Down through the ages
Through culture and time
Is a story that’s sought for
Through all of mankind

In legend in writing
The message is clear
Beyond us is something
And the heart holds it dear

Who tell me who
Put the stars in the sky?
Who tell me who
Weaves the threads of all time?

Verse 2
Deep in the marvel
Of God's ways to man
Is a witness that seeks us
To follow God's plan

Come words that are spirit
And quicken the dead
Breathe breath of life
That our souls may be fed

This great High Priest calling
The hour is near
Come live and believe
For salvation is here

Second chorus:
Who tell me who
Put the stars in the sky?
Who tell me who
Weaves the threads of all time?

The God of the ages
Eternally the same
Wrote His love through a story
Forever to proclaim

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