Jason Koch

Artist bio

I was born in Ventura California, I started acting in high school. What started as a hobby has grown into a driven desire to produce impactful films of excellence. Over the course of my college career, I have appeared in over eleven theater productions and eight short films. Some of his roles include playing Roger in the musical ‘Rent,’ and Macbeth in the timeless Shakespeare play ‘Macbeth.’ I have a passion for acting and film production. Ever since my time in YWAM (Youth With a Mission) I can’t help but express my creativity through films. I hope to create content that represents the power, passion, and love of God in an authentic way that resonates with the human spirit. I am currently finishing my last year at Bethel Conservatory of the Arts to get my Bachelor’s degree in Acting.


Where Can I Go From Your Spirit


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

One of my favorite Verse’s is Psalm 139. Each word highlights so powerfully how close God is and how He intricately knows us. I wrote this song during the COVID-19 quarantine, and my heart was drawn to Psalms 139.
Since this verse meant so much to me, it was rather easy to write a song inspired by its essence.
I began to strum out some melodies and overlay it with the Word, until I felt the Presence of God, and then It really began to resemble something of its own.
Though the song is relatively short and simple, it still means a lot to me because it brought me peace in the middle of what seemed like chaos. It’s my hope that this song will also bless everyone who hears it.
I have always had a passion for worship and writing songs and I know there are many more songs and melodies to sing to the Lord. He is worthy of all praise.

How it fits into contest

I believe that it is impossible to engage in spiritual warfare successfully without worship. Without knowing God is with you and how deeply He knows you, standing against the enemy is nearly impossible. Strong warfare comes from a place of intimacy with God.

I believe David showed this kind of “intimate warfare” in his own life. He was a mighty warrior but also a passionate worshipper. David armed himself with faith, peace, righteousness, and salvation in the presence of God, and his great strength and mighty victories flowed from that place of intimacy. And to me, David is an amazing example of what it looks like to stand firm against the enemy. He displayed warfare both physically and spiritually, and even though our battle is no longer between flesh and blood, our spiritual battle is even more real than what we see. If Isreal’s greatest king took worship and fighting the enemy seriously, so should new testament believers. The only way to stand firm is to stand on the Rock!


Director/Writer/Producer Jason Koch

Cinematographer Japheth Mast

Editor Jason Koch

David Jason Koch

Other Goods & Services Available from this Artist

Available as a trained actor.
Also available as someone who has a good amount of editing experience.

Transcript / Lyrics

Though enemies surround me
I know who with me

Though the ground shakes before me
I know who saves me

Though darkness surrounds my life
You lift my eyes
For darkness is light to you
You’re not surprised

Where can I go from your Spirit
Where can I flee from your presence
If I fall to the depths you hear it
If I rise to the heavens Lord I know

You’ll always be there
You hand hold me fast

I will not fear
Your faithfulness lasts

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