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I am a musician and composer living in France. I have been working as a music professional for more than 25 years. Not only that, but I also did my university education in the field of music. I have given concerts in different countries and festivals. I have made music for more than 12 films. Furthermore, I have released three albums in different genres. Participation in social and humanitarian activities has always been a major concern for me and my work. I call myself a protesting and concerned artist




Alternative / Indie

Artist Statement

In this video, I liken a warrior to a dancer. One brings death to others as well as to oneself. I also called this embrace with death, "dance with death". This man can be a metaphor for all warlords in the world. With evil symbols on the face. Here, and in particular, I liken this man to the president of Russia. But this person's character is similar to any warlord and dictator.

How it fits into contest

I was inspired by this text to use the sword and the spiritual battle. This means that in the end, this sword and this belligerence will destroy the devil himself. It does not matter what tool we use to communicate and interact with others, because this sword or any other virtue is a metaphor for our soul and nature, and it is the one that will either destroy us or bring us to salvation. This sword in the hand of this devil is a symbol of the unclean spirit of this man, which is engraved on his face. And finally, the devil is always alone, even to fight.


Soroush Kamalian: Music composer and Video editor
Video footages by Valiantsin Konan from (free copyright)

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soroush kamalian

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