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Lise Escobar Gelinek: Puerto Rican Expressive multi- medium Artist Educator / Teacher Facilitator of expressive healing arts workshops, creative retreats in beautiful Puerto Rico, facilitator of eco- inmersed creative experiences. Life long learner and True believer of Jesus.


A call to spiritual arms: take a stand strong with the Lord


Gospel / Inspirational

Artist Statement

How can an individual be inspired by the power of the Holy Spirit during difficult times, or spiritual battles? How can one embody Jesus' strength of character? How can one put on the full armour of God?

Music is one of the best means that we have been given to express ourselves fully, to be inspired with faith's conviction, enthusiasm and embodied power, as well as being able to inspire these virtues in others. Music is known to heal, transform and inspire.

When I first learned about the contest's theme and main purpose, I was immediately attracted and interested and went directly to the Bible to read the scripture of Ephesians 6: 10-20.
It was so powerful.

The words spoke to my artist heart and soon after, musical, poetic lyrics began to almost write themselves as I tried to keep up with what was comming through.

This song was divinely inspired and I can say that still with humbleness since I am not really a musician. Yet the melody came to me as is heard in the musicvideo along with the words.

But that is not the whole story of this little song that was actually born during the lockdown of the pandemic. Cause this musical baby is a corona baby.

I was going to participate last year, but because of the lockdown, I could'nt find any sound engineer, music producer or singers to help me out. After much effort and almost at the last minute, I found a husband- wife team and recorded the song and finished the video but didnt make the deadline because of technicalities.
I was devastated. So much effort and could not show anything for it. Ifelt like a failure. But God teaches in the most mysterious ways. And learning patience is a virtue we have to earn through experience.

This past year I began to learn more about music, rythm, beats, notes and singing.
I even took several online classes and eventually worked up the courage to sing the song myself a capella, al natural.

The intention of the song has always been to inspire oneself ( the singer) to " put on the armour of God", " to take a stand" and to act courageously against dark, spiritual forces" as described in Ephesians 6: 10-20 and others.
This song is like having a conversation with yourself ( or with others) and Jesus.
It is kind if a spiritual pep talk.
Therefore, the quality of the voice is not as important as your engagement with the words of the song itself, which calls the listener- viewer ( yes thst means you reader) to be sung or spoken out loud.
What is important is how you are transformed by the power of the words whose essence comes directly from the scripture.

This song is a motivator. It asks you to take a stand and find your voice, your power in faith, with the saying or singing of the words and the positive feelings it produces when you participate along with it.

By the way, singing is a sure way to release stress, anxiety or fear as it releases " happy hormones" and reduces cortisol according to research studies and personal testimonies. Singing helps auto- regulation of the vagus nerve.
In other words, singing is good for you.

(And the quality of the pitch or tone does not alter the positive consequences especially if you release self judgement or criticism like the type in singing reality shows.)

That is why this music video is all about the lyrics and the sky representing "our Father who art in heaven".

The marching beat ( yes marching!) can be moved to as you sing along with the video and the words of the song. The energizing power of the scripture turned into a song for the present generations sparks the fire of faith, hope and love in the heart.
So sing along.
Try it, you will like it.

This song is meant to be sung alone or in groups or processions to inspire all good people to take a stand, feeling strong in the Lord.
I think that is what Paul would do or would want us to do (use music and video technology) if he had to communicate his uplifting message to the people of the world in these times.
May it be so for the glory of God and in Jesus' name.

How it fits into contest

The song is a direct inspiration from the scripture Ephesians 6: 10-20.

See above explanation.


Ramon Freire- sound and recording engineer. Video producer.
Escuela de Musica y Tecnologia.
Santiago de Chile.

Lise Escobar Gelinek: Melody- lyrics- singer
and artwork.

God's inspiration through Jesus
And the Holy Spirit

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FB- Sanarte con Arte

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I am an artist and educational facilitator of expressive arts and nature based expressive arts in Puerto Rico.
Online classes workshops, transformational retreats in Puerto Rico or abroad.
Original art.

,instagram- sanarte_con_arte

Music / Sound Sources

Lise Escobar Gelinek- singer and
spoken word

Ramon Freire- sound and recording engineer.

Artwork detail- photo
Be strong with the Lord
By Lise Escobar Gelinek

Transcript / Lyrics

Take a stand
Stand strong in the Lord
Take a stand
Put on his armour
Take a stand
Against the evil one
Take a stand
And never weaken.

Stand your ground together
Against all powers
Of this dark world
Put on full armour

So when the day comes
You will be ready
To take a stand
Strong in God's firmness.

With the belt of truth
And the rightous breastplate
And your feet well planted
For whatever comes.

Be alert,
And always praying
On all occasions
For all good people
And God's creations.

And please, please
Pray for me
That I may be
Well and safe
In constant praise.

Stand your ground
Stand strong in the Lord.
Stand your ground
Like God's warrior.
Take a stand
Supported in peace
Take a stand
against evil deeds.

Use faith's shield
For your own protection
From devil's arrows
and abominations.
Put on the helmet
Of salvation.
Take up the sword
Of liberation.

And stand your ground together
With his protection
Stand your ground together
Full of conviction
Stand your ground together
And faith will follow you.
Stand your ground together
You shall see miracles
Stand your ground together
With fearless attitude.

And please, please pray for me
That I may be
Well and safe
In constant praise.

Stand your ground together
Oh people of the world.
Repeat 3 times

Of the world
Of the world
For the world!

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