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A genre-bending Artist with the ability to passionately merge real life experiences and faith, Johns Island, SC native Jeremiah Bligen is committed to releasing God-conscious music that speaks to and about the realities of life. Jeremiah cites his struggles, victories, love for various styles of music and the work of his late grandfather; Benjamin, as artistic inspiration. In August 2012, Jeremiah released his well received first mixtape “Before I Wake”, which landed him on's Top Freshman of 2013 list. Bligen continued his musical journey with the release of his debut album “When Ravens Cry” in December 2015. Now residing in the Carolinas with his family, Bligen is dedicated to sharing his testimony and hope with others through community service and music. Individual bios for the NFTRY can be found at (7 artists, including the videographer Eshon Burgundy). Music Producers: DaBoomSquad Bio: Daboomsquad is a record & engineer production team consisting of producers and instrumentalists hailing from the likes of Chicago IL, Kansas City MO, Richmond VA and Sioux Falls SD. Daboomsquad are a team of four members K-Diamond, @kdiamondbeats, Rockhouse Music @iamrockhouse, Jluv Productions @jluvbeatskc and A-Foe @afoe_100. Daboomsquad assembled back in 2016 with the desire to glorify Christ and grow immensely in the area of music, engineering and overall production. K-Diamond and Feeze187 had a relationship prior to music production as they both played college football together. The remainder of the team JLuv and Rock House came about via developed friendships and relationships over time. Daboomsquad are know for their hard hitting drums, 808’s, sample chops and crispy melodic elements. Daboomsquad aren’t strangers to music and understand what it takes to attack all genres of musical production. (


Red Rover


Hip-Hop / Rap

Artist Statement

This version of Red Rover is a variant of a song from my first album, When Ravens Cry. The process to create this song started off as a normal one; selected the music, wrote and recorded the lyrics to the verse and chorus. Then - once I began wrapping the song up to send to mixing, I found inspiration for a second half of the song (which became a remix officially, but is included in this version). This song is special to me because it allows me to encourage other believers to fight the good fight, as I encourage myself to do the same.

How it fits into contest

I believe that this work responds to Ephesians 6:10-20 as it was created as a reminder to stand in faith and embrace the fight - noting that our perspectives on the how and why we fight as believers are different, for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. Armor is used as a tool in a fight, and the scripture is using this imagery to exhort readers to put on the spiritual things as intentionally as one would put on the natural one. We stand to fight, and fight to stand in every season, taking in the fresh air of opportunity - the opportunity to walk with God in a new way (through struggle, abundance, uncertainty, the familiar, etc.) , growing in faith, knowledge and wisdom. We fight and stand in the face of obstacles and adversity, not to earn favor with the Lord, but because by grace we've been saved.


Producer - GeeDa & Jeremiah Bligen
Audio Engineer (Mixing & Mastering) - TJ Pompeo
Graphic Design - Jeremiah Bligen

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Available for live music performances, speaking engagements, recording workshops. Contact for details.

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