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MALACHI/ Born in North Philadelphia/ Relocated to N.C. Due to Military Orders Continued to Live in NC for 20Years/ Spent 26 Years in the United States Army/ Combat Veteran Iraq war and Afghanistan War, During Deployment to Iraq in 2003 God downloaded the Music Ministry of MALACHI into MALACHI/ my music is on youtube under Malachi what do you believe official music video. Malachi 316 & winners Circle the official Jesus Music video MALACHI (Gospel Inspirational Speaker,Rapper, and Ceo of MALACHI MUSICLLC Record Label/ Evangelist/ Minster DA MESSANGA/ PASTOR/ SPEAKER/ Rapper/ SERENITY/ PASTOR/Singer/Rapper


what do you Believe***

Artist Statement

This music Video is from the collaboration album from Artist ( MALACHI,
DA Messanga & Serenity, The Album is entitled( Outta the Ashes) The album was a year long process, It takes you on a journey of theses three artist lives. This Video tackles the issues of Religion, it raises a issue most people struggle with what do you believe in. We tap into social issues, community gatherings in local barbershops and Downtown Raleigh NC; Giving a visual of what people see on TV. We allow the viewer to tap into many different feelings from love in the barbershop, to pure amazement on TV from CNN interviews, questions about UFO's and police use of force.
When then Interject our views about Jesus and how he is who we believe in and the only true answer to all of questions and problems. This fits into our Canon of work by drawing a more intense look at Spirituality and how we war not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities.

How it fits into contest

by drawing a more intense look at Spirituality and how we war not against flesh and blood but powers and principalities. We were inspirited by the holy spirit, Current social climate. This meaning to us is that we were chosen for a people for such a time as this, Like the son of Issachar, The could discern the times and knew what to do to lead the people.


Marvill"Marvillous Beats" Martin, ABA, BS Music Producer/Songwriter/ Violinist- Produced the Music for the Single and Video/ Maryland
Justin Phellan- Recorded and mix and Mastered at the winners Circle studio
Raleigh N.C.
Waddell Kemp, Aka MALACHI (wrote and performed on 1st verse/Co-arranged the entire song ,Sang hook with Serenity
Johnathan Bratcher AKA Da Messanga
Melissa Bratcher AKA Serenity /(Song bridge and Hook)
Marcus Horton( twenty twenty vision- Shot video edited and produced the video for MALACHI MUSIC LLC

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Format: Digital Download,CD
Purchase Price: $10

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