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Rev. Warren A. Rhodes, Ph.D. serves on the ministerial staff at FrontLine Ministries here in Dover, under the leadership of Bishop Norman Hutchins. God has blessed Rev. Rhodes with many talents and gifts; he is a preacher, teacher, playwright, lyricist, author, researcher, administrator, and film maker. Rev. Rhodes very recently retired from academia, having worked for more than 33 years as a professor and/or administrator at Delaware State and Morgan State Universities. Rev. Rhodes’ own success is due only to the grace and mercy of Almighty God. As a youth, Rhodes was determined to set himself up for a life of failure: school drop-out, juvenile delinquency, drug use, criminal activity, and incarceration. But . . . God!!


The Sermon


Dance - Popular

Artist Statement

THE SERMON offers the audience an expose on Satan’s devices aimed at Christian believers. The play allows us to watch and reflect as satanic and divine forces battle for influence over the individual’s decision-making. In THE SERMON, Satan’s deceptively charming representative gathers a small band of highly skilled, destructive, devilish companions; they enter the lives of unsuspecting believers to entice them into worldly ways consistent with Satan’s ultimate mission: to steal, kill, and destroy. This funny, insightful presentation will leave you laughing, but also amazed at the abundant spiritual revelation you’ve received.

How it fits into contest

This stage-play reveals to the audience the spiritual battle that underlie our struggle to live for the Lord.


Author & Director: Warren A. Rhodes
Lead Cast
--- Prince of Peace: Kent Mcmillian
--- Prince of Darkness : Henry Greene
--- The Minister: Leroy Jett

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Rev. Dr. Warren A. Rhodes wrote and directed the award-winning movie, God's Amazing Grace... is just a prayer away, starring famed actor Clifton Davis. Email Rev. Rhodes if you are interested in purchasing the movie.

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