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This is a poem written by me and my daughter is performing a contemporary dance. My daughter is a competitive dancer and I am a poet. Eva Roddick is a competitive dancer.




Spoken Word

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This is part of a series called 'Poems with my daughters.'

How it fits into contest

and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.


Angela McIntyre -writer, film, voice
Eva Roddick - dance

Transcript / Lyrics

You are just so far from peace
The anger is a reflection of survival and ancestral clansmanship.
How do you get back to peace?
You take that understanding
and you bring it back with you for others
That happen to be far from peace
And you help them get back

How do you get back?
You need to feel solid
You need the threat to go away
Even if it's just in our minds
Even if it's real
You gotta feel safe
To feel peace.

So the question is
Why dont you feel safe?
And how do we fix that?
You're think u might die alone
Ok let's sit with that

You think nobody loves you
You can't pay the rent
You are going to die
Ok let's sit with that

We are going to heal together
We are going to feel safe again.
That's what hope is
And faith
Not that god is going to save you
Or that it's s gonna get better

But that we are still here
And we are gonna get you sliding into home

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