Book Of J

Artist bio

My name is Jason Cruickshank-Powell. I am a spoken word artist from Long Island, NY. Every piece I write and perform is a chapter inspired by God and written creatively through the mind of a young, black, Christian man hoping to impact and inspire whoever is willing to listen. Welcome to the Book of J


No Strings


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

I was challenged by my pastor, Chris Delmadge in January to write a spoken word piece about strongholds. I originally feared such a challenge about a topic that called for such depth and vulnerability. But there is no growth in fear so I wrote and prayed and wrote some more. This poem is the product of prayer and fasting. I hope you are blessed by it and enjoy

How it fits into contest

2 Corinthians 1:3-5 talks about how the weapons of our warfare have the power to destroy strongholds. My piece is about me relating to a character who had strongholds in his life and recognizing that I had strongholds in my own life. I had to define what a stronghold was it then realize what was needed to be done to defeat it. I hope by the end of the piece the viewer recognizes the weapons I used to defeat my stronghold and feels encouraged to do the same.


Peter Hazle - @zxphilmz. Pete is the videographer that made this all happen. He is elite with his camera, he chose the venue and arranged for us to shoot there and also chose the beat that came in towards the end.

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