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My name is Crissionia Spence I'm 24 years of age. I believe in Yahweh. I am passionate about writing and my interest lies in other areas also. I'm results-oriented. I believe it's always better to try than fail to try. I'm truly honoured to be given the gift of writing and It's a great privilege being able to use this gift for my creator using his words. There are many Talent shows but there's merely any where people can showcase their talent in a biblical aspect and enhance the world's knowledge about the scriptures! Coming across this, I had to ride the train. This is not just about competing but it's also about learning, teaching, sharing and more of all doing my father's work.


The Unseen Battle


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

This piece required dedication and it captivated my attention and brought me to another realm. Though I found difficulties at some points I enjoyed every moment of writing this poem. It took me more than one day to write this piece and now the words are written on the tables of my heart. I can continuously hear my voice saying put on the whole armor of Yahweh. This experience gave me the opportunity to be more focused on Yahweh's words . It reminded me that even I'm in a warfare and to overcome I need the armor of Yahweh.

How it fits into contest

I believe that this piece fits into the contest because it depicts the specific verses and the spiritual and physical message behind them.


Crissionia Spence

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Transcript / Lyrics

How do I begin to fight a battle that is unseen?
A battle that stripped me of my strength and placed my faith in the in between.
A battle that shifted my focus
Attacking me from every dimension like sudden plagues of locust.
How can I have a discussion of the frustration,confusion and temptations I've experienced, unaware that it's all apart of the devil's plans because he is consistent.

Not even a million words can describe this warfare,
Its beyond human understanding that's why we say its unfair.
Father take it away for all this I cannot bear.
There is an evil force roaming the universe
Spreading day by day his evil curse
Waiting for us to sleep, so like a thief he can creep.
The adversary and his Angels are highly organized
So without the armor of Yahweh our salvation we will jeopardize.

Yahshua died to set all captives free
But sin reappeared giving way to the adversary when he said excuse me!
Now he is here to destroy ,to devour and to kill
But Yahweh's words says be still, be still and know that I am Elohim, the one ears have not heard and eyes have not seen.

Trust in Yahweh and the power of his might
Put on his armor and patiently await the fight.
Put on the armor of Yahweh so you can stand agaisnt the snares of the devil
Using your own strength will get you weary because you are fighting agaisnt evil.

Lay down your earthly weapons
And think for a second
It's not a fight agaisnt flesh and blood
How do you think moses won against Pharaoh and destroyed him in the flood?
How do you think Job overcame the leprosy?
He believed in Yahweh and refrained from his own tendencies.
Saul went to war girded with his physical armor
Yet was defeated and was stopped
But David believed in the armor of Yahweh and came out on top.

The adversary is trying to kick is from our foundations,
To deprive us of eternal salvation.
He is really crookish so don't be foolish.
Be like those patriarchs and put on the armor of Yahweh.

The helmet of salvation, our top foundation
The helmet of salvation that Yahweh gave to me protected me from myself and the adversary.
The breastplate of righteousness is at the best place,
Wear it and between you and the enemy you will win the race.
When the weight of the world presses in and anxiety races, just remember Yahweh's love can reach in dark places.

All shots fired at me will be in vain because I'm protected by the shield of faith.
Why be afraid ? I can boldly stand straight.
And the belt of truth gives me the security and certainty that no weapons form agaisnt shall arm me. His armor makes me free.
Everywhere you go ,walk with the good news of peace, so you can share it, leave them with a little piece.
Here you go, if you were oblivious of Yahweh's words well now you know.
Keep it on your mind, pray without ceasing
And leave the enemy behind.

Put on the armor of Yahweh and the enemy you will defeat.
Do not be afraid or retreat.
When you are faced with destruction
The armor of Yahweh will be your ultimate protection.

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