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Sean C. Harrison is a Jamaican Singer/Songwriter/ Poet and General Writer who displayed much artistic promise from a child. Having grown up to a challenging existence, further, at age 19 he was diagnosed with a mental illness which, though disturbing has never stopped him from seeking avenues to be heard and seen. He believes faith in His God is key and in spite of many trials remains undaunted in his efforts to share his insights to the world. He hopes his work will be a source of hope and comfort to people now and for ages to come.


A Great Wonder in Heaven


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

This is a simple video of Sean C. Harrison reciting the hallowed words of his poem depicting the role of the Godhead in the plan of salvation. These are regular themes that characterize the writings of Sean C. Harrison who though has left organized worship has remained with his scriptural tenets to continue ro live a productive and God-centred life. Sean C. Harrison is a conduit for deeply spiritual expressions and has remained true to his Biblical roots. He prays his messages will, after much adversity experienced throughout his existence, touch the hearts of men and women and benefit mankind just as he has found solace in his own words sent to him from above.

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This poem chronicles the whole message of the scriptures in a very compact way. The language beautifully captures the deep struggle of the believer and God's Church in a very readable yet sophisticated way by the use of repitition partly and very vivid language to deftly describe the battle between good and evil. As you listen, may you be inspired to look into the Word of God as laid out in the Bible even more as it chronicles the important spiritual battles every believer must face and witness in the world. Be emboldened in your pledge and stance as you journey on by this moving piece he has penned.


Sean C. Harrison

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I write tributes in poetic forms or otherwise as well as do songwriting and general writing and have amassed quite a cache of inspirational and Christian writings and performances on various social media platforms mainly which can be used as resources for churches and motivational sessions as well as for individual edification.

Transcript / Lyrics

A Great Wonder in Heaven © 2014
Written By Sean C. Harrison Jun. 17, 2014

How that we who know such love,
The sweetness of salvation's caress,
The gaze of a God enamoured,
Could turn to dumb idols...

We, who know the shelter of angel wings upon our way
Who learned His agony that day,
And of that Triune Tribunal minutely deliberating
Upon our very next breath with an unbroken rhythm
Breaking chains, pleading pardon for the undeserving
With mercy unswerving, enduring verbal smites and spittle,
The audacity of having the sacrifice belittled,
That they not needing to, groan with creation,
Positing the query:- “When will reason return to men?”

He who with a word levels nations...
That He could bear to see evil's nascency in an angel's heart,
Enduring a hate that spills and oozes blood to this day,

That a woman so frail, bearing a Seed of hope
Could cope in silence with the venom of violence
For His esteem, being the apple of His eye,
Who though fragile, emits such courage even on pain of death,
The dragon's febrile breath not spanning the power
To singe her virtue, take her life,
Holding in her womb the Soul and souls of His children.

It is a great wonder in Heaven,
A mystery most of all, that one captive midst all doubt
Should take His hand and be brought out,
Esteeming that grace so high
That he would now gaze awe smitten upon
That of He who inhabits heart and sky.

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