Artist bio

I'm Aisha Duncan, a proud Christian who is extremely grateful to be able to overcome life's obstacles with the strength and talent I've been given by God. Life in the Caribbean, as beautiful as it can be also comes with it's fair share of hardships and quite frankly my growth spiritually and in my talent even though grossly impacted by Jesus would not be the same without my God given family or my church family which I have been immensely blessed with. I've also been in the process of completing self-publication of a book of poems which I hold very dear to my heart as it speaks to various struggles we all can relate to in life and what we cherish and builds us as human beings.


Lost in Battle


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

The concept of the video was to depict an intense and intricate image of a person and how being clothed in God's armour makes a difference. The black and white imagery shows that the person is a representation of us as human beings and makes it easier for one to envision himself as the subject; it also gives the piece a more pensive tone.

How it fits into contest

As the title suggests I was in the midst of a battle with myself trying to get over my own guilt and God's image of me.I recalled that there is no condemnation in Jesus and I was able to work through my shortfalls. By constantly looking to Him to renew my mind and continued diving into His word with the help of Bible study and fellow Christians. The piece took over 6 months for me to write because I was literally and figuratively struggling. God's armour shows how He has put measures in place to protect us and nothing can harm us once we continue to follow Him and cover ourselves with prayers; demonstrating the power of His love.


Creative Director and Producer: Aisha Duncan
Track and Edits by: Charlene

Transcript / Lyrics

Lost in Battle

They say you should have thick skin,
I don’t care if it’s the thickest;
Without God’s Armour we’re left exposed
even if you’re the quickest.
I’m a struggling new Christian who underestimated the devil,
But thankfully I know Christ Jesus is on a whole different level.
The Holy Spirit girted me out of a sinful state,
After my baptism I was ready to storm out with a clean slate.
Now it’s time for repentance; to secure the bag.
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all I need to have.
You rep Under Armour, while I rep Jesus Christ.
That way I’m fully covered causing the devil to think twice.
Ephesians has my battle suit ready to fight,
So I’m picking up my Bible to win this war with foresight.
Every weapon coming after me shall drop like flies.
My God I know they’ll never prosper, neither will their lies.
It’s time to suit up, I’m rearing to go.
The armour of God is my defence now you know.
Starting with my combat boots fulfilling a greater purpose you see;
Helping me profess Christianity’s impact on me.
I will walk miles in these shoes spreading the peace of the gospel;
Breaking down barriers providing good news making all things possible.
The belt of truth and the helmet of salvation next,
If you know the human body the mind stands the ultimate test.
It’s the part of my body that needs the most work,
So I left it up to Jesus so He could save me first.
Now the belt of truth is so very important,
With all the lies from the enemy we need to be expectant.
Well my upper and lower limbs are held together by truth;
With the discernment God gave me I’m beating Satan’s noose.
Righteousness on my chest, it’s my breastplate;
Guiding me through this journey so I
don’t fall from grace.
Standing for Jesus is my beacon of hope,
With righteousness before me I have the tools to cope.
The last bit of my suit is important and without pretence.
The sword of the spirit with the shield of faith is my defence.
Properly suited for battle you should bear no loss,
As long as you’re reminded your sins died on that cross.
If you don’t take care of your weapons how will you battle.
That’s exactly how I got lost in all this rattle.
Now my armour is lined with prayers so evil beware.
I’ve decided to uphold that my faith is greater than my fear,
What you see before you now is a broken man suited by God;
Allowing no demons or principalities to impede the path I trod.

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