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Rochelle Bourn Guidry, author, poet and describes herself as not being known as a Spoken Word Artist, but as an artist that has Spoken a Word. Her book "The Sadder Side of Addiction, leads to the Happier side of Life," is the product of original poetry as therapy while living with a loved one suffering from addiction. It is her desire is to use her poetry to empower women with relatives and loved ones who struggle with addictions. She encourages them to try not to change their loved ones and take care of themselves by implementing self-care strategies to fuel them throughout the journey. Rochelle currently resides in Houston, TX, and has been published in "The House of Curves and Kingz" magazine, and recently ranked her book #6 from the 28 Books Most Empowering books to read about recovering from addiction.


To Win the Battle of a War Already Won, I Keep the Whole Armor of God on.


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

This is a handsewn creation of the Armor of God. I wanted to leave a visual of a fashionable armor and using Rose Gold as the theme color.

How it fits into contest

The descriptions of using Ephesion 6:10-20 as instructions to family members of the addicts. The poem reflects feeling helpless when loved ones suffering from addiction but knowing it is spiritual warfare and how to protect themselves and give them hope. I want them to realize what their responsibility is and trust God.


Rochelle Bourn Guidry aka Comedistry (Com-mid-is-try) Words Performing.

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