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I am a Creative & Urban Missionary based in Nairobi; Kenya. I have used Hip-hop (the art of Rap, Poetry and Performance Arts) as a tool of communicating the message of Christ to the Youth demogdemographic for the past 15 years. I was leader of a network of Urban artists and ministers called 'MadLove Lounge' that was based in Nairobi, Kenya/ Lilongwe Malawi & Lusaka; Zambia. I currently run a Media and Arts initiative called AfroFunk (Fresh; Urban N Kingdom). I am also a recording artist with a new album titled #GodLifeAndHiphop that's available on all streaming platforms.


Letter to Ye (Kanye)


Spoken Word

Artist Statement

"Letter To Ye" is a Christian Outreach song written to one of the most influential artists of this generation Mr Kanye West.
It touches the subject of family; faith; his creative journey & engaging Spiritual warfare in the culture (Ephesians 6:10-20).

How it fits into contest

My heart for writing the song alongside Prayer Zuze (Tana P) was to engage Mr West and his fan base on the reality of Spiritual warfare as a Christian soldier. We accomplished the above through a way that he is familiar with (Beats & Rhymes). A line that I can quote which touches the above is "The music industry; run by agents sold out to the Beast/ I pray they dont do you dirty, like Michael Jackson; Billy Jean/ Feel me G; dont you let the devil write your eulogy/ Keep the Christ alive in you/ The Holy Spirit driving you".


Prayer Zuze (Fellow artist)
Adrian Butcher

Transcript / Lyrics

Jefro Katai, Tana P & Ye.

Ah; so this is our "letter to Ye"
This is our "letter to Ye".

This is our "letter to Ye".
This is our "letter to Ye".

Ah; so this is our letter to Ye;
Hope your P.A; is gonna make you listen to this song one day;
Coz you inspired us all; to create art from our heart n soul;
I am just happy that you found the Lord.

I remember how you made "Jesus walks" before them Yeezy's;
Spin "through the wire" with a broken jaw, that's real sick;
Making 5 beats in a day; you breathin' music;
And when they thought you're just a producer, you rap'd and killed it;

Yo; but let's talk about Rap's resurrection;
A new Kanye, "Jesus is King" in Studio session;
"Sunday Service", 2020's Presidential Elections
I see a brother in Christ; while others see a contradiction.

Never been afraid to say how you feel
That's just really real;
Spazzin' out; for a couple of decades; yeah, just keep it real;
Fashion up; Jackets for 200; that's that Billi Deal;
Running up the numbers, we just pray that you be cool with Kim.

God is your bestie; you emphasized in "Off the Grid"
I pray He keeps you grounded & covered
By the Blood he bleeds
The "music industry" run by agents soul'd out to the Beast
I pray they don't do you dirty, like Michael Jackson "Billy Jean".

Feel me G; don't you let the Devil write your Eulogy
Keep the Christ alive in you,
The Holy Spirit driving you
True Leadership of the Scripture
"God the Father" through his will
Plug into a Church for fellowship; accountability.

We pray for you our brother
Hope to break bread in the motherland
Donda would be proud of all the accomplishments you have done;
But most of all, She'll be proud you gave your heart to Jesus Christ
The return of His throne; Raptured, reconnected "After life".

Ah; So this is our Letter to Ye;
This is our letter to Ye.

This is our "letter to Ye"
This is our "letter to Ye".

I told them; I said look

Hey Yo Kanye; this is your bro Jefro from Kenya; alongside Prayer Zuze from Malawi.
In Deuteronomy 30:19 God tells us He has given us a choice between "life and death", "blessing and cursing". I pray you keep choosing "Life". God bless you. Jesus walks!

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