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My name is Theresa Wilson. I like to be near the ocean and watch the waves hit the sand I am a Gospel Singer, Prayer Warrior, and Christian. My talents consist of Singing, Acting, Spoken Word.


Spoken Word


Spoken Word

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My Spoken word speaks to being ready for the spiritual battle in everyday life. How Christians walk in victory and how we must stay prepared for Christ as his Ambassador and as a Warriors

How it fits into contest

It relates to Ephesians 6:10 because God has empowered us with strength and armor for the battle that is before us. He needs us to stand and speak his word with Boldness.


Written by and performed by Theresa Wilson

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A Warrior for Christ
I am one of Christ Ambassadors that represents Heaven
I apply God's Armor for war against the enemy who is a defeated foe.
I know the battle is over before it can begin.
I stand ready to fight if God gives the Command.
The Sword of the spirit coming out of my mouth.
My enemies are destroyed. I am a warrior for Christ.

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