Amanda Fitch

Artist bio

Amanda lives and works in Charlotte, NC. She loves spending time with family, friends, and pets through adventures in travel, art, and exploration. She captures memories on canvas, through photography, and in writing.



Artist Statement

As an anointed child of God, I believe we come into this world to celebrate and experience all creation has to offer. We celebrate faith, knowing we are protected in the armor of His word which defines His love and grace in all the days of our life. We celebrate, with His goodness and grace enveloping us, as we experience the everyday mystery of HIs love. His armor supports us. It defines us. It offers us a spark to light the way as we celebrate even in the darkest of adversity. It gives everyone hope and a reason to celebrate.

How it fits into contest

Through the God given talent of creativity, I use visual art and writings to share the love and passion of the life in which I have been blessed. I use each to varying levels to create and display how I am moved by a topic. This piece is how I perceive the battle to have already been won in reading the scripture of Ephesians.


Amanda Fitch

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