Lisa Otten

Artist bio

I am a largely self taught artist. I am very creative, but have always had to use my artistic "bent" for more practical and "useful & valued" things (home decor, cooking, gardening) so felt like I was unable to develop my art skills properly or get very good at painting and drawing. Although I have practiced my art throughout my 55 years, I have not had the pleasure of being formally trained. I am happy that I have two very talented children who are artistic and have formal art degrees. They are available for advice when I ask. In regards to my art, I am just doing it for therapy and occasionally to help with projects for church and friends. I must do art for my mental health and feel depressed & distant from God somehow when I neglect my artistic gifts. I showcase my work around the house, and rotate it as needed. It is with excitement and fear that I show the world my sometimes quirky style of interpretation on given themes. Lisa Otten is a wife of nearly 30 years & mother to three adult children. Currently working more than full time she finds enjoyment and therapy through creating pieces or art, sculptures and re-designing her home & garden. She is active in her church, loves adventure and caring for animals. She is a follower of Jesus Christ and believes the bible is God's true word. Oh, and she really likes food, all kinds of food.



Artist Statement

This is a mixed media creation and my take on some of journey I find myself traveling. I have drawn, painted and created art sculptures for years, and this is a mixture of paint & paper to tell the story of where I often see myself when I read Ephesians 6: 10-20. Recently, I have created a lot of art with a mixture of paper and other items, but don't often make them available for many others to see. I like my creations, and feel a sense of worship while creating may of my pieces, but am often unsure how others will like them. Recently, I have shown my creations to others and I get positive comments. Maybe it is time to share my gift with others more often.

How it fits into contest

I at one point memorized these verses (Ephesians 6:10-20) and found them vital to my spiritual walk & personal peace. Over the years I have gotten lazy, busy, discouraged & depressed with the trials of life. I have been walking into the battle everyday laying my weapons down. It's NO WONDER I am constantly struggling. This is a picture of my interpretation of my journey as it is today. Unprepared for the battle that is always present. Of course, I want to be the faithful follower who is constantly filled with the Spirit and ready for battle, but often, I am not. I am so glad to have a savior who is constantly calling me to His side offering forgiveness, healing, comfort and a kick in the behind to get on with the life He has for me.


Jessica Otten, my daughter who gave me some advice in creating the paper art subject. She is an inspiration and I respect her opinion.
Jeff Otten, my husband who gave me feedback on various aspects of my written portions of my submission. Also, thanks to him for putting up with my messiness during the creative expression process!

How to Purchase this Artwork

Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $200

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