Artist bio

To me creating is the closest contact I can get in connecting with God. It is a gift I use to share and inspire. Born is Upstate NY I was drawn to the South(no pun intended) living in Charleston and seeing the history as I drive past Boone Hall Plantation on my everyday drive to work. Passing the sweetgrass basket stands that still carry a tradition of art and soul. Thanking God everyday for my freedoms and gifts that have been given to me.


In God we Trust

Artist Statement

Graphite drawing of a freed slave overcoming the the darkness and pain of slavery. Trusting in his faith in God in a time where evil tested the soul.

How it fits into contest

Its shows how through dark and evil times of enslaving a human being the slave's faith in God gave them breath and hope to persevere.


Elizabeth Carota

How to Purchase this Artwork

Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $300

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