Joanna Dehart

Artist bio

I have been a professional photographer for 45 years. Always wanted to be a National Geographic photographers but I have spent most of my time in weddings and portrait photography. I love the beauty of this river and I photograph it many times a year. I have never had this wonderful experience of God's touch until this day! It was magical.


Heavenly Realms

Artist Statement

Kayaking a beautiful river and I was called into this gorgeous lake off the river, I believe by the Holy Spirit.

How it fits into contest

When I entered this lake away from my other friends, I believe God called me in to see this beauty. I kept paddling into this secret cove and did become a little scared. I could hear God singing to me. I believe he wrapped his arms around me and I put on the armor of God and felt safe, unafraid. There is so much evil but I know that My Lord keeps me safe and strong.


Joanna DeHart

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Type of work: a mass produced copy

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