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Pamela t Sullivan sharing the love of the Lord through her art


I am with you always.

Artist Statement

When I painted this picture it was a hard time with a lot of pressures that were making me want to quit, everything. Tired and weary of life and the day to day struggles, growing older and trying to hold onto hope.
The tree in this painting represents the winds of life blowing us over, we are week but trying to hold on. The dove is the Spirit that covers the earth and comes along beside us in our struggles. However, it was only after I finished the painting that I noticed within my first brush strokes the face in the clouds which spoke to my heart " I am with you always"

He said he never leaves us and will substain us even in our old age, through every spiritual battle!

How it fits into contest

Battles are truly spiritual. They can wear you out physically, mentally and emotionally. It is only when you are able to focus back on the Lord knowing that He is your shield, front and rear guard and lifter of your head are you able to rise above your circumstances.


Own the Holy Spirit helped me

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Type of work: a mass produced copy
Purchase price: $150

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