Artist bio

I'm a fluid artist in Wilmington NC. My artwork is showcased in several galleries downtown Wilmington NC and on Bald Head Island NC. A lot of my work is coastal, but as a Christian I have let the Holy Spirit inspire my art. I realized that a lot of art in this world can show so much darkness, so I want as a artist to show God's light in my artwork. All my paintings I sign and add a cross to my signature. I give all the glory to God because I've painted my whole life but never like what I'm doing now since I've let go and let God.


Wings of Gods Armor



Artist Statement

My artwork is created by mixing additives to acrylic paint to make the paint very fluid. I then manipulate the paint with a stick and torch to create the image. Resin is then poured on the painting to create the glass finish.

How it fits into contest

The inspiration for my artwork is about good and evil...light and darkness...Light will always conquer dark. We are all born into sin but when we accept Christ as out savior, we put on the armor of our savior to protect us from the darkness of this world. My angel wings represent my armor.The sin in my life and the light conquering it.


Leslie Milanese- Artist

How to Purchase this Artwork

Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $625

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