Artist bio

My name is Nataliia . I'm originally from Ukraine. I have been living in South Carolina for over 4 years. I always wanted to help my parents do not struggle with the bills, that why I moved to the USA so I cant help them out, be independent so they can be proud of me. I miss them so much. I pray to God to help me see them soon , hug them and tell them how much I love them . I wish they can be with me. Everything that I do, I do for them. I started drawing when I moved here. It gives me my pacification. My dad likes to draw , he is really talented and I want to be like him, that why I will never stop trying to do better and better.


My prayer is my armour



Artist Statement

I always wanted to be an artist. I know that I don't have a talent, but I have a desire to learn and try my best. It's a simple painting created by pencil, charcoal and marker. This painting is special for me, as it is my reminder, my alarm - to be with God .

How it fits into contest

There is a little girl.At the first glance she seems defenseless. She doesn't have any sword or shield to protect herself from evil angel of darkness, he is strong and armored with the sharp spear, ready to throw at her. But the girl doesn't need any weapon to win this fight. She has a faith and her prayer. It's her powerful weapon that will help her fight the evil and the darkness. And as long as she keeps praying, the angel can't harm her. He is loosing his fight despite of his strong and terrifying appearance. Nothing cant break the Amour of God.

I created this artwork to remind myself and all the people surrounding me that sometimes the only weapon that you need is a sincere Prayer and Faith.

I left my country and moved to USA when I was 19 years old, and no matter how hard things can be for me I always pray to God to help me fight for my happiness, if I get mad or disappointed I pray to God do not let me be mad, blame others, judge or wish bad on anybody. The evil always tempt us, but as long as we pray, God will protect us from evil, and will give us happiness and peace.


I dedicate this painting to my parents - Galina and Volodimir Mudruk, who are far away from me, but always in my heart. I'm thankful that they have taught me to be with God.

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