Falando Jones

Artist bio

My name is Falando Jones, I am a freelance lifestyle and fine art photographer based in the Charleston South Carolina area. In my photography, I seek to use imagery to and for the glory of God, striving to creatively and attractively present who God is through imagery.


Rise Up

Artist Statement

Although this looks like a painting, its actually a photograph. I'm always looking out for something interesting that might otherwise be over looked. The abstractness of the rain with how the streetlights and car lights looked in my windshield caught my attention. This photo was the result of what I saw. If you look closely, the pattern of the lights resembles a cross.

How it fits into contest

This photograph fits in the Ephesians 6:10-20 because what I saw was the victory of rising and standing above the clutter and confusion that surrounds us daily by the strength of Christ. The enemy seeks to sink our minds in utter chaos the moment we open our eyes for the day but if we will stand our ground, having on the full armor of God, we can resist the enemies taunts and schemes and will be victorious over the enemy.



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Type of work: a unique original

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