Andrea Thomas

Artist bio

Andrea was born and raised in Charlotte,NC. Blessed with a unique spirit full of many gifts and talents her parents gave her an opportunity to explore them all . She has been an artist for the bulk of her life from singing to playing the violin. In 2016 Andrea began to explore painting and visual art simply as tool for healing during a very rocky time in life.The first piece was a photograph mounted on a piece of black painted cardboard with the affirmation "I AM QUEEN". After a few paintings and nudge from family and friends Andrea has been working on an artistic space she calls Aerdna Art. It can not be defined by one particular style of art or a particular type of medium. Aerdna art is about self expression with no limits. Aerdna art is about positivity, creativity and self-love.


Life Saver

Artist Statement

With this particular piece of art work I decide to do something unique. I decide to use a oval shape canvas versus the the traditional rectangle canvas that I used.I would say that this piece is a mix of literal and abstract art. Before settling on this idea I draw out a few sketches before settling on one idea. Through out the creative process I consistently referred to the scripture and at certain points gained wisdom on what I should or should not add to the piece.This works fits in with many of my other pieces based on my color selection I generally utilize colors that will catch the eye.

How it fits into contest

This piece responds to the scripture Ephesians 6:10-20 in that it makes a statement about how one puts on armor of God and it shows that it does not matter who you are we all need that protection.The gray in the piece speaks to the different things we battle. The piece depicts a person with actual ancient armor on but there is a spiritual armor which is the white surrounding the body with different scripture chapters and verses.My inspiration for the piece was the people in my life going through various situations and how they were handling them. When looking at my piece I see it as a self-portrait of myself and anyone who views it.This piece is a reminder that there is a battle that goes on everyday and I have to protect myself by covering myself with the word constantly.


Andrea Thomas came up the entire concept and piece .

How to Purchase this Artwork

Type of work: a unique original
Purchase price: $100

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