Artist bio

My name is Christopher. I'm 27 and am from California. I'm a recent graduate of UC Davis. I hope that my art transports you somewhere positive and that it brings about lasting change in your life. If you enjoy it, please share it with others.


Belt Of Truth


Digital Art

Artist Statement

The galaxy is a vortex, a single movement, in which every part of it, including both Jesus and this very image, is that single movement everywhere within itself. What one does to a part of it, they do to the whole of it and, therefore, they do to themselves in the same way that when a snake eats its tail it eats itself. Do, then, to others only what you would do to yourself. For the Spiritual Battle is a real one.

How it fits into contest

According to Ephesians 6:10-20, the Spiritual Battle is one not of the flesh and blood but of the spirit, and one of the most useful tools in that battle is the Belt of Truth. The followers of Jesus have preserved one such Belt in the Bible - love your neighbor as yourself - but thousands of years later, many see no logical reason to follow it anymore. What good is the Armor of God if those that behold it cannot adorn it? That's why I've translated it into cogent, modern imagery fit for our times here at the root of the Space Age. I hope that this image may contribute to Good in its ancient fight against Evil for millions of years to come. Thank you.

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