Amara Nwaobi

Artist bio

Amara is a young digital artist, passionate about using her talent to share the word.


Equipping Daily


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This piece was inspired by the importance of preparing for spiritual warfare. It is a reminder that as followers of Christ we will constantly face battles whether visible or invisible and that God calls us to prepare ourself against our common enemy. We weren't called to just hear and watch as things play out, rather take part on his side. I made this illustration as a reminder for myself and others to put on the armor of God on a daily basis. In the photo the girl has chosen to put on the full armor. I drew a young girl to remind everyone that spiritual warfare is not only something that effects a certain group of people but rather everyone in Christ(Galatians 3:28). When I look at this image it reminds me to prepare for the battles I may face on a daily basis by reading the word, staying true, having faith, pursuing righteousness, and holding on to salvation.

How it fits into contest

This piece focuses on equipping yourself with the amour of God. Here the girl is waking up and making the choice to prepare for spiritual warfare, a choice that as Christians we must make on a daily.

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