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I am a symbolic Christian artist residing within Cape Town, South Africa. Most of my work comprises out of three-dimensional work mounted on a two-dimensional surface. I refer to my genre as relief paintings. All of these works have been birthed through visions and dreams that Christ has given me after I received a miracle healing from cancer in 2007. I own a home based small business known as GIA Gallery. GIA is an acronym for GODLY INSPIRED ARTWORKS.




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Artist Statement

The Artwork “Amidst”, was as created as a TESTIMONIAL PIECE, that VISUALLY encapsulates the VERY NATURE OF CHRIST, AS ISAIAH 55 V. 8 and 9. (“For My thoughts are not your thoughts neither are your ways My ways,” declares the Lord. “As the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.”).

During the Covid-Epidemic, the Artist Rejane Abrahams-Jane, experienced the DIVINE INTERVENTION OF JESUS CHRIST, as He blessed her with REST from a cumbersome battle that had been prolonging for years. She knew instantaneously that it was CHRIST’S NAIL-PIERCED HANDS that moved her to A PROMISED LAND REST, as the unscrupulous claims against her Husband’s Estate came to an IMMEDIATE END. The bereavement process was never afforded to her, as from the stance, she had to fight tooth and nail for everything that they possessed together. Throughout this tumultuous period she was always aware that Christ was immersed within this demonic-sent battle because He was her VERY SOURCE OF KNOWLEDGE AND STRENGTH in fighting against it. It felt for years that Rejane was adorned with a suit of armour and that her barefooted frolicking persona was a chapter of the past. For all the years they served Christ as a couple she could never have imagined the excruciating pain this absurd period would have served her. But Christ girdled her every time WITH HIS REVELATION OF TRUTH when she was faced with the constant attempts of corruption, of a party wanting to gain unjustly from their inheritance.

When the epidemic arrived, she was already cambered with a load of cares and because she was unemployed at that very moment, she felt that this inevitably was the end to her existence. But in the midst of the atmosphere of sorrow and fear that gripped the earth because of not knowing what our futures held, CHRIST GAVE HER AN ISAIAH 55 V. 8 and 9 breakthrough. This widow was finally allowed to mourn her loss as she was freed from the captivity of uncertainty that held her bound-even before the epidemic.

Therefore “AMIDST” depicts her warrior spirit finally resting as Christ’s nail-pierced Hands showers His Everlasting Peace over her-this is her land filled with milk and honey that finally has come to her dry and thirsty land. Her days of being a resilient dandelion, wishing on the days of yesteryear but yet, to also move on from it, is symbolically now her past. Her acceptance of this unexpected blessing is displayed in her battle sword being laid down on the very communication Christ used to slay the enemy. And now her shield that is positioned against the Solid Rock is her constant reminder that Christ’s Protection will be her portion in this new dispensation.

How it fits into contest

Due to the mantle of an intercessor that Christ has bestowed on me, I know very well the Power of Ephesians 6 V.10 to 18, that we are called to operate in. It is only by our obedience to this very Word ( V.10:... “be strong in the Lord and in His Mighty Power”), that we get to see how Christ has equipped us and qualified us, to pull down strongholds and so doing, see His Breakthrough Power demonstrated through us, as His servants.

Having survived cancer and also having to raise a son who was diagnosed with ADHD, as well as Dyslexia, I learnt how important it is to put on the Full Armour of God daily. Christ has made me more than a conqueror because He makes me aware that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.(V.12) He has given me either breakthrough, as in the case of a miracle healing from cancer, followed by the birth of a miracle baby and other times, Christ has given me the knowledge of how to endure and exist while waiting on it as I am clothed in the Full Armour of God. Despite the diagnosis, Christ led Caleb to pass Grade 12 with a distinction.

But “Amidst” portrays the heaviest battle I ever had to face. I remember playing Romans 8 V. 38 and 39 aloud on my cellphone, every time I had to walk to destinations, because of not having money to afford transportation. With this Word of God I managed to cut through a lot of obstacles. Therefore, this painting encapsulates the warrior spirit I constantly operated in, as battles came flooding forth - if it wasn’t the corrupt attempts of claiming against my Husband ‘s Estate, then it was the overwhelming responsibilities of Single Parenthood - having to provide for two boys now from one salary or even at times, during unemployment.

But thank You Christ that Your Full Armour protected me against every evil day and that through it I was able to stand firmly my ground (V.13-14) so that I received the Christly Breakthrough every time, although at times it tarried.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Amidst dimensions: 75cm X 90 cm. Medium: Predominantly oil paint with the use of some found objects e.g. wool, fabric, plastic that has been manipulated into clouds etc.

“Amidst” is available for lease at a monthly lease fee of R1 000, if it is leased for a period of 3 to 6 months. If the lease period is a full year, “Amidst’s” monthly lease fee is R800. All lease packages excludes Transportation, as well as Installation Services.

An International Lease Service is optional, but this will be liaised via an Established Gallery within the given Country. The Pricing will differ depending on the Terms of the Contract amongst the given parties.

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My art work is for lease. Interested parties can email me on

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