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If you ask Kim Daus-Edwards whether she is an artist or a minister, she will answer, "Yes!" A Fuller Seminary graduate, she has also worked as a fine art photographer for twenty years. She has a passion for ministering using whatever tools she holds in her hands. Kim's photography has gained international exposure and she has won numerous photography competitions and displayed in California, New Mexico, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and South Africa. Kim has published three books, and speaks and preaches internationally. One of the more innovative presentations she gives uses black and white photography and a process she pioneered called "Visual Exegesis" to introduce people to Scripture or take them deeper into it. Her most recent book, Force of the Spirit, explores the blend of art and faith in a photographic canon showcasing 122 black and white images.


The Lord is My Strength



Artist Statement

Before I am anything, against all odds, I am a believer. I believe in God, I believe Jesus is Truth, and I believe that God speaks to us if we listen. I believe that God speaks to me through pictures.

As an artist, I make photographs because there are moments in life and expressions about faith that I want to share.

My photographic language speaks with intimate detail, clarity and emotion. This is also how I approach life. My photographs are tributes to beauty in unusual places; sometimes they are discoveries that surprise. Perhaps that is because I have always placed value on things which others might consider valueless; or because I take delight in that which is often passed by without notice.

I find that beauty springs from contrast, or from the drama between light and dark, or old and new. Sometimes a simple intriguing texture captivates me. The poetry of the ordinary--the glow of simple, small pieces--stirs me. My eye is drawn to the intimate details that make up the whole. I press the shutter when I experience this intimacy.

The moments I capture in faces are like short films on paper. In the chaos of daily life, ordinary moments rush past us with rhythm, balance, and purity. These moments are rarely honored for their role in shaping us.

My journey with the lens--and, in fact, the daily living of my life--is about discovering and rediscovering meanings. My expression sometimes brings revelations that lead to harmony, to a memory, or toward understanding. When I take photographs, I better understand the world around me. And as my camera expresses the subject, I also reveal myself. Not what I do, but who I am. Who I am becoming. What God is teaching me. I find it fascinating to remember that the camera points in both directions.

This double-edged instrument takes me to, and teaches me about, both the world I see and the world of faith. It allows me to share the intimate details on the journey of faith.

How it fits into contest

Ephesians 6 challenges us to put on armor, but before that, we are commanded to be “strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” So often when I have faced spiritual battles and I turn to the armor of God passage, I feel like I need to do everything myself… put on the armor, the breastplate, the shield, and the helmet. I need to wield the sword and run into battle. Of course, all this is true, however, the passage starts with standing strong in the Lord and in his might power. If we jump too quickly to the donning of armor and fighting our battles against the spiritual forces without being grounded in the Lord’s mighty power, we are leaving our most powerful weapon behind. The image shown, therefore, is about standing strong with a firm foundation in the Lord. This photo was taken at a park in Moscow and was not staged or adjusted. It was a gift given to me from the Spirit. The girl reminds me that childlike joy and faith are also weapons. Even though the war between good and evil rages and we are caught up in it by virtue of being believers, we can be fearless because the author of fearlessness covers us. Like Paul, we should be bold in declaring the mystery of the gospel. We can be courageous because we are never far from his protection, and whenever we need support in our battles, the Lord is there.

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The image is $800 for an 8 x 10" print framed in 16 x 20" black frame with white mat. It can be ordered at under "shop."

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On my website I offer sets of greeting cards, framed prints, and unique photography gifts.

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