Artist bio

I was born and raised in Arlington Virginia. I have always had a love for the arts and I knew that the visual arts was the direction that I wanted to move towards for my future career. I am a senior graduating from James Madison University this December and I want to figure out way to help my dream become a reality.





Artist Statement

Being a woman in a heavily male dominated world I believe the message of female empowerment needs to be shared. Using tattoo imagery and incorporating it with female figures allows the concept for my pieces to grow. I am inspired by various tattoo styles where every individual image has meaning. The concept of wanting to show strength through specific tattoos provides a broad range of references. In the past I found myself almost afraid to expand my color palette, through my recent experimentation of color, I bring life and depth to the figures. I want to show the combination of femininity and strength, all while incorporating the bold imagery of the tattoos onto these seemingly delicate figures. This allows viewers to see both sides a female must obtain at all times, through the use of close-up depictions of these figures and a halo like glow around them it gives these female figures a sense of importance. These pieces provided me an outlet, oftentimes I found myself struggling with the lack of self-confidence but by creating these paintings provided me with the empowerment that I was deprived of in my personal life. The brightness in the color palette along with the boldness of the line work was a new concept that has changed the way I see myself in the world. Embracing who I am as an artist and as a female has benefited the way I have gone about creating my pieces.

How it fits into contest

For this specific work I was heavily influenced by my love for rose windows. I was taught that your body is your temple and that we should care for the body that we were given. I combined the ideas of the rose window and tattoos to represent the internal struggle that I have with being true to who I think I am but also following the word of God.

How to Purchase this Artwork

$250, if the painting wanted to be purchased the buyer could contact me through my Instagram handle.

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