Artist bio

Growing up in a family of six children, Rachel was taught the importance of faith and family from an early age. As she grew up, her passion for her Catholicism found an outlet in her love of art and writing. Now working as a storyboard artist in the animation industry, she continues to create her own personal work and hopes have a positive influence on the culture in the process.


Girded by Light


Digital Art

Artist Statement

This piece is a digital painting that represents facing the trials of the modern world. As Christians, the current zeitgeist and popular opinions often appear unrelenting and dark. To survive in a world such as this, we must call upon the light of Christ to fortify us inwardly and shine outwardly. The angel wings represent God's protection, and they and the light around them are rendered in a way stylistically different than the central woman herself in order to reinforce the otherworldliness of God's virtue and love.

How it fits into contest

Rather than interpreting the "full armor of God" in the literal sense, I opted for a more abstract interpretation. The woman in the artwork carries the light of Christ, displaying it against the torrent of shadows and worldly desires around her. In turn, she is armored by the wings of angels, who strengthen and protect her in her struggle. From the wings extend beams of light, further amplifying her steadfastness against the darkness. Even though the woman is surrounded by a barrage of evil, her face is set in determination, for she knows that "when the day of evil comes, (she will) be able to stand (her) ground, and after (she has) done everything, to stand," because she is wrapped in God's love.

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I am happy to create commissioned artwork for others. Please inquire on my Instagram, @thepbcninja, via DMs. Additionally, I have a self-published book called "Periodically Heroic: A Fun, Visual Dictionary of the Periodic Table of the Elements" which is available in both e-book and physical copies in a variety of online retailers: I also

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