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i am currently completing my bfa in illustration. i love developing stories and creating worlds to dive into. i dabble in visual development, character design, and painting.




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"perseverance" is a digital piece that highlights the struggle between good and evil, moral and immoral, light and dark. a woman stands amidst chaos and sins, depicted by their usual allegorical animal. the goat head is largest, for it's cultural standing as a depiction of the devil. I implore you to search carefully for what else lies among the darkness.
the spiritual battle is an internal one, and sometimes making a choice is so difficult that it may very well feel like we are trudging our way through thorns and demons as the ones we see here.
the woman seems to be in agony, despair, or maybe even relief depending on your interpretation. she clutches close to her heart white lilies, a symbol of purity. the lilies are small, yet shine brightest. in this way, they represent perseverance. we may find ourselves surrounded by darkness at some points in our lives, but there is always a way to push past towards the light- whether it be through a belief in God or a belief in yourself.

How it fits into contest

there are quite a few ideas in Ephesians 6:10-20 that I pondered on that led to the conceptualization of my piece. firstly, the idea that it is not flesh and blood we fight against, but darker forces. in my interpretation these were the seven deadly sins, which then lead to policies and mindsets that are unjust. the struggles women in particular face came to mind. the most common occurrences such as wage gaps, dress codes, fitting into gender roles, do they not occur because of those sins? I then do not blame a single entity for unjust treatment, but the darker forces that inhabit the mind. and as women, we not only battle our own inner demons but sometimes those of others. my piece is open ended: is it her mind and demons she is facing? or the mind of an opposing force that she must make her way through?
as Ephesians 6:10-20 states, when we encounter such internal and external forces that aim to mislead us, we must stay grounded in our beliefs and morals and speak our minds without fear. this I place within the white lilies that she holds.
for these reasons I chose to have a woman as the focus of my piece. I also find that women are often seen as objects of desire, the reason for sin. but here it is the woman facing moral quandaries and overcoming them.

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ill be selling prints, check my instagram for updates.

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I sell prints and have a patreon (sunshell) for anyone that wants access to tutorials and more art.

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