Artist bio

I am a single photographer that's loves to take pictures for the world to see. Some pictures my look different than others, but that's because my art is unique, and no one can copy it. Other pictures are common, and that's just me trying to keep up with the world.


The rising ball of fire


Digital Art

Artist Statement

In this photo you'll see just the sun and a roof, but the true meaning in the photo is that as the sun rises for another day God will bless it with the warmth of the sun. The roof represents the shadows that the sun will make but those who have faith will fell that they are on top of the world and that they will not allow no one to block them from their faith.

How it fits into contest

The way my photo represents a spiritual battle is by showing the sun and the shadows it creates. in the bible the sun represents God, and that the sun won't harm us. The shadows it creates will harm you but if you keep your faith and don't stop believing you will surpass evil and you will find your way to God.

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