Adela Christy

Artist bio

Adela Christy is passionate about visualising Scripture. Her artworks include paintings, pointed pen calligraphy and hand letterings incorporated into photos and videos from her everyday. She creates with the hope that her art ushers viewers into a relationship with their Creator, Jesus Christ, in whom we find our identity, purpose and hope. Instagram: @visualisingscripture


Not My Labels


Digital Art

Artist Statement

Throughout our lives, we often accumulate negative ‘labels’ that we use to identify ourselves. Though these labels often emerge from life circumstances or people around us, ultimately, we ourselves choose to adopt these labels and write them off as our own. The labels in ‘Not My Labels’ represent some negative identities that one may accumulate throughout their life. Different fonts such as child-like writing in crayon and adult-like writing in markers are used to represent different labels one may adopt at various stages of life. A font resembling one on gravestones or death certificates is used for the ‘DEAD’ label -a spiritual identity we are born into and a label we do not write for ourselves when we pass. Although they may look large and dominating, every evil label caused by sin does not compare to God’s powerful word that can slash and destroy it. Bible verses forming the sword symbolise the sword of the Spirit -God’s powerful word that is Spirit, life and truth. Most of the verses included are truths I have personally used in my life to fight the lies of the enemy. The personal candid handwriting forming the sword represents the real-life simplicity of using the sword of the Spirit -by believing and speaking God’s word as unique sons and daughters of God.

How it fits into contest

We are commanded to take the Sword of the Spirit, the word of God, so that we can stand against the devil’s schemes. ‘Not My Labels’ illustrate God’s powerful word, the sword of the Spirit, that we use to fight and destroy the enemy’s lies about our identity.

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