Artist bio

I am many things a husband a father to three awsome boys a soldier for 37 years I an artist. I taught myself how to paint both my plan was to go to school to be a graphic artist but life changed course and that didnt happen I get up at 4 AM to paint and pray about my day I enjoy creating. I try to develope emotions through the piece I create.


Raise your voice



Artist Statement

Acrylic on canvass, a celebration of the peace that God provides the you, he will always be there.

How it fits into contest

The piece celebrates that I have put on the Armor of God , my feet are fitted with readiness for peace, I wear the Breast Plate of The righteous , knowing that the God of Israel is on my side, the belt of truck h is my victory, for tho the Devil of this world would throw me into the fire pit ,with flames that consume me, he cannot hold me.I sing praise to my King, lift up my voice to my Heavenly Father, for he and he alone protects me from the flames, holds me in peace, , fear cannot hold me ,because God holds me in the palm of his hand .

How to Purchase this Artwork

$400 I will ship it.

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