Artist bio

Action for Development runs projects in midwifery capacity building and education for street children as well as children with disabilities; at the same time it provides affordable health services through its Comprehensive Health Center, which also offers regular training for health workers. AfD was founded by a group of experienced health and development professionals in Afghanistan and the organization was established in Geneva in 2011. In 2014 it was granted consultative status with the United Nations Social and Economic Council (ECOSOC).




Digital Art

Artist Statement

Afghanistan is currently struggling with its current emergency situation. Children, women and other vulnerable populations are suffering with the limited access to food and health services. Hence, the artwork exhibition describes the hope that children have for their country to become better and the work of AfD on the field, in the area of health, education and humanitarian assistance.

How it fits into contest

We believe that this exhibition is one of a kind and just at the right time when all the conflicts and problems happenings in Afghanistan and the suffering. The pictures speak themselves and describe the humanitarian condition that surrounds Afghanistan, yet the hope if children and youth for their country as found in the pictures can influence the audience as well as each person's life.

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