Artist bio

¡Hola! soy Gastón, graphic designer. I have more than 12 years experience in the graphic-advertising field. I worked for a Educational publishing house for 10 years, I made covers, posters, flyers, illustrations and magazines. Now i am a freelance designer, and i like to do t-shirt designs and have my own line of Totebags and T-shirts. Intuition is one of my qualities and I always try to be radical and vanguard. Tengo alma de artesano, me gusta la naturaleza y la música gospel.


The greatest fight in history.


Digital Art

Artist Statement

I want to attract people to my art and interact with them.
We are beings of flesh and spirit and I wanted to unite the tangible and intangible. The thirst of the soul.
Vivid colors grab our attention. Sometimes these colors could be a cry of joy but also a cry for help.
The skin reminds us of human fragility, and our doubts, the need for direction. Many factors weaken us in life, and make us lower our guard; but we must never forget the essential. Convictions are not negotiable. Lucidity, responsibility and common sense are the most powerful and forceful.
There is a great paradox, conquering the world with your fists and losing your soul with your heart; but we still hope to be inspired and renew our minds. Staying united and awake will keep us alive.

How it fits into contest

This fight is not a conventional battle and all believers need to understand that the spiritual fight is not a joke, a game or a tv show. This is really a serious thing. Keeping our eyes on God and thinking less about ourselves is more important.
Many people depends on himself to win in this world, he trusts in his strength and in his movements. But only trained believers who trust in God will caught away the heavens, therefore, let's not stop trusting in God and let's always keep our guard. "My help comes from the Lord".

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