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I am a young introverted man who loves being knowledgeable and keep peaceful to the drums of life. I am very disciplined in terms of creativity as I view myself as a versatile artist. I am very attentive and motivated by using a set of talent to tackle life's challenges. My team is Art Dreamers and we work on a very organic mantra where everyone's idea puzzle up to give a vivid image, which makes it easy for us to face challenges as a team and just work together linked towards the same direction.


Albino Clone Appreciation


Mixed Media

Artist Statement

The thought and inspiration is very well influenced by the art title "albino Clone Appreciation" which is quite self explanatory. The purpose for the art was derived from a space of observation to how our day and age beauty is defined by the popular norms of society and culture, where certain skins and bodies can't claim beauty as it does not suit criteria for the stipulated standard of beauty. I wanted everyone who feels different from normal society to unapologetically wear themselves and their look with pride because they are the elites of uniqueness. The artwork is a mixed media work ( fabric, pencils, craft paints, colour pencil, ballpoint pen ink) where each material represented a certain emotion to the work ; the outstanding in particular is the fabric joined hair strand which represents how strong the bond of love and unity between the culture and people living with albinism.

How it fits into contest

To battle how you perceive your particular look against society is already a spiritual battle - where you battle your mind to battle your body's spirit into believing in itself and having confidence in your own look and appeal.


I would mostly acknowledge the two albino twins (popularly known as Bawar Sisters) who were the art muse behind the artwork. How they embrace the uniqueness and prowess of their skin was an ultimate inspiration to me.

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I customise clothing items according to the client's specified design request , contact the @Art Dreamers Za / on Facebook and Instagram.

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