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Hira Kazmi is an internationally featured illustrator based in Pakistan. Her work embodies societal taboos. Every illustration that she makes, every endeavor that she undertakes has within her heart a mission for breaking stereotypes and bring social justice. Although she is a mere speck in this world she knows, one day it will make an impact as her vision remains centered in Love. Hira has had her work exhibited online on several platforms including TCC McKeon Centre for Creativity, Tulsa, USA, Rooftop art center, UK, University of Arts, London, and 2 online exhibitions on Korean and Japanese websites. She has published her illustration in the Book "Plague 2020" and “I am not crazy” anthology. She has participated in several international magazines including Entropy, Ainmagazine, art for all magazine, and Feminism around the world.


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Artist Statement

Tharparkar, one of 23 districts that comprise Pakistan’s Sindh Province is the most densely populated desert on earth. Prolonged drought is having a devastating impact on people living in Pakistan's Thar Desert.

Women of the Thar desert spend a tough life, walking outside with pitchers perched on their heads. They used to fetch water by walking 3-4 km. Sometimes they walk even more and keep up the tradition of subsistence farming. This is not all, lack of education and a profound lack of access to healthcare are other big problems in the Thar desert. Thousands of children die due to malnutrition in the Tharparkar desert.

One of my deepest quests is to visit the Thar desert and meet with the women living there. I am sure the life of the Thar desert must be so adventurous for visitors but I want to know more about the life of women in Tharparkar.

PS: the woman in my illustration is wearing an armful of bangles. So, let me explain what it indicates. Their length indicates the marital status of the woman. If the bangles are worn on the arms, that woman is single. When it’s worn all the way to the upper arms that means she’s married.

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My art is about the spiritual battle

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This is a digital illustration. Anyone who wants to buy my art can contact me through email at:

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