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I am 27 years old and recently quit my full time job as a cake decorator to pursue my real passion as a painter. Ive been painting my whole life but never really thought to make it my career until I realized I could! I am an acrylic painter who lives in south Florida and is also cat mom 🙂


Strength is given



Artist Statement

The piece is all acrylic paint. I painted her face and body using a palette knife technique and the background using brushes and my fingers to give that smokey affect.
In my piece I have depicted an every day woman, just like myself, who has to go out into a word where there is spiritual injustice all around her (the fire in the background). I painted this piece out of feelings that I personally have about the world that we are currently living in. All around there is so much evil that is going on and this can be very frightening for me as a young woman who is looking to the future and trying to figure out what that will be like. But then I have to remember before stepping out to start my day to put on my full armor, walking in faith with my breast plate of righteousness and look to God and trust that He will always be looking out for my family and I in what ever situation is dealt to us.

How it fits into contest

In my piece I painted my woman standing strong against the devil and all of the evil around her. As she goes through life she is constantly looking to the heavens and reminded of His mighty power. As she goes through life she wears her breast plate of righteousness to protect and remind her to obey Gods commands and live in a way that will honor Him. She stands her ground in the face of the devil and perseveres because she knows she has the Lord Himself behind her.


My mom was a big help with really breaking down what this scripture meant in detail and how I can relate it to my everyday life.

How to Purchase this Artwork

Cost for the piece 1,200 US dollars
40" x 30" inches or (3.3' x 2.5')feet. People can purchase my piece by contacting me through email

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I do many commission pieces. From pet portraits to people giving me a color scheme and painting them a piece of art for their home. You can inquire about commissions through my email or through my instagram @shelby_theartist_.

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