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Transform Mud Wall to Classroom



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The whole world is infected with the corona virus today. The education system has not been left out of the corona. Especially in populous countries like India, its impact is greatest. Even today it is not possible to open schools according to the rules of social distance. Today, instead of students in the classroom, there is a silent movement of dust and dirt.

Although online classes have been introduced in some places, economically struggling families have not been able to bring their children under this education system due to the high cost of smartphones. Even today in all parts of the country internet service is not as developed as in other progressive countries. So the books are piled up in one place today.

In some impoverished families, daughters enter early marriages due to the lockdown. Other students have dropped out of school to earn money scavenging in the garbage dumps. The children that can afford a smartphone find themselves becoming addicted to the technology instead of studying.

Just at this time, Mr. Deepnarayan Nayak came forward to enlighten the children of economically struggling families in the light of education. During this epidemic, he turned his entire village into a classroom. In modern thought, he introduced the modern teaching method to the students.

How it fits into contest

God does good to everyone. The story of my picture is about a man who is God in human form. He is the one who is standing by the side of the poor people in this difficult time and is lighting the light of education.

In the fourth image, the writing on the building translates:
1. Street Master
2. Get vaccinated and stay safe

In the fifth image, the writing on the building translates:
1. Use masks to maintain Distance.
2. We will read, we will write, we will Learn.

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